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The museum has a number of artefacts associated with Stonehaven’s heritage, many with an association with the days when the building served as a prison. For example, visitors can view an original cell door, the Inverbervie stocks (one of the few seven hole stocks in the UK) and the Crank - a punishment device which was weighted down and had to be turned by prisoners. Tightening the screw would make it harder for the prisoner. (This is why prison guards are called screws). 

The Tolbooth also has a connection with DunnottarCastle, in particular the incarceration in 1748 of three Episcopalian clergy for the crime of holding a religious ceremony to more than nine people.

Kitchen and household bygone day's items are on display such as a hand powered washing machine, tattie chipper and spurtle.

Display boards commemorate the discovery of the oldest fossil (a Pneumodesmus newmani, an air breathing 1cm animal) in the UK at nearby Cowie by Mike Newman.

The Tolbooth museum was operated by the local authority from 1975 to 2011. However, by 2011 the economic downturn was affecting all local authorities and Aberdeenshire Council decided to withdraw all funding from the museum and initiated procedures to effect a permanent closure. The local community protested this decision and a band of volunteers now run the facility on a short term basis. Discussions are ongoing in seeking a way in which to retain the museum as a permanent facility and for the last 4 years the Council has provided encouragement and limited financial support. The volunteers have altered the ethos of the museum from one of a fairly static display to one that reflects the vibrant Stonehaven community. We now have a museum overflowing with artefacts from a bygone era, ghost hunting, a dinosaur hunt for children, videos on the Fireballs and the recent storms etc., etc. – all supervised by enthusiastic local people. Currently we are the most popular museum (as measured by footfall) operating under the umbrella of Aberdeenshire Council Museum Services and are attracting visitors from all around the world. We also host wedding ceremonies.

Please come and visit us. We need your support and you will learn more about our magnificent heritage.

We are now back on our summer schedule which means that the museum is open every day, except Tuesday, from 1.30 to 4.30 pm. We also now operate the refurbished Clock Tower in the High Street and it is open on the same days and times as the museum. However, we do cater for group visits outside these times; if you would like to organise a special visit please the committee via the 'Contact Us' page.

Anyone interested in volunteering at the museum should also  contact the committee via the 'Contact Us' page.