We are delighted to announce that the museum has just been selected to benefit from the local Co-op Community Fund. Three local organistions have been selected and the process works as follows:

When Co-op members purchase own-brand items, 1% of the cost goes to local community causes. For the next 12 months the Tolbooth Museum is one of those causes and you can help to boost our funds. If you select the Museum as your chosen cause (see below) then we get all of the 1%, otherwise we get only one third.

So if you regularly, or even occasionally, shop at any Co-op, please:
-    Become a Co-op member (this means we share 1% of your spend on own brands with two other organisations)
-    Create an on-line account and select the Tolbooth as your chosen cause (this means we get 1% of your spend on own   brand items)
-    Always use you Co-op membership card when shopping at any branch

Remember if you’re not a member, or you don’t use your card, no-one benefits. This arrangment ends in October 2020.