Continuing our policy of refreshing/improving our current displays we are pleased to report that the fishing section in the museum has been augmented with the purchase of navigational equipment that was in extensive use prior to the introduction of the satellite GPS sysytem. We have acquired a Decca Navigator Mk 21 display unit from a source in the south of England. The Decca system was developed during WW2 and became, along with LORAN, the primary navigational tool for fishermen in the North Sea and the west of Scotland. Visitors can view the unit and relate to wrecks marked on an adjacent chart.

Ian Balgowan, a local fisherman and Trustee, is delighted with the purchase as it brings back many happy memories. We have also obtained a Simrad Fish Finder and a compass that was lit by a spirit lamp. Just some of the items that illustrate life not so long ago.

All are welcome for a 'browse'.

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