It was sadness that we learnt that the Stonehaven Heritage Society had decided to wind up its activities. The Society has been active for nearly 40 years and in that time it has researched Stonehaven's rich history, educated the community and answered innumerable questions raised by the Stonehaven diaspora. It has also played a significant role in maintaining links between the local community and expatriats. However, time moves on and evidently it was becoming more and more difficult to find individuals who were prepared to give so much of their time to running the Society. In April the Society voted to dissolve and, after due process with the charity regulator, is in the final throes of winding up. All assets are being transferred to Stonehaven Tolbooth Association and a few members of the Society have join us at the museum. We are currently exploring ways in which we can continue the good work of the Society; one idea is to maintain the series of winter lectures on Stonehaven topics. If you have any ideas please contact us via .